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Here, we’ll be sharing fun drink recipes, tips, tricks, DIYs, product recommendations, and so much more. Swig Life isn’t just about drinkware; we’re a community of family and friends from all around the world. Our hope is that you’ll read & share our articles and enjoy taking a Swig of life with us. Cheers!

    5 Fire Pit Recipes
    for Bonfire Night

    5 Fire Pit Recipes <br> for Bonfire Night
    Posted on

    Bonfire nights are a great way to connect with family and friends, all while staying warm. We’ve compiled the 5 best fire pit recipes sure to ramp up the fun.

    Swig’s Gift Guide
    For Friends

    Swig’s Gift Guide <br> For Friends
    Posted on
    Friends are the gifts of life, but they also deserve a gift of their own! Give the best presents this holiday season with our ultimate friends gift guide.

    7 Fun Thanksgiving
    Traditions We Love

    7 Fun Thanksgiving <br> Traditions We Love
    Posted on
    Thanksgiving is almost here! While you wait to connect with your family members and friends, we compiled some fun traditions to try out this year. Check it out!

    All the Buzz on Coffee Cocktails:
    6 Recipes

    All the Buzz on Coffee Cocktails: <br> 6 Recipes
    Posted on

    Coffee cocktails are the perfect alcoholic drink for coffee lovers, or anyone who needs a caffeine kick. Check out 6 of the best coffee cocktail recipes, here.

    7 Tips for
    Sustainable Living

    7 Tips for <br> Sustainable Living
    Posted on
    Our environment is in need of protection. While governmental agencies are working to save it, we also have a responsibility to live sustainably. In this blog, we show you how!

    A Guide to Hosting Your
    Next Virtual Football Tailgate

    A Guide to Hosting Your<br> Next Virtual Football Tailgate
    Posted on

    While most of us can’t head to the stadium this year for football season, we can still have the best game-day experience with virtual tailgating. Here’s how.

    How to Make
    Halloween Candy Cocktails

    How to Make<br>Halloween Candy Cocktails
    Posted on
    Halloween fun is not only for the kids. Try turning your favorite candy into epic cocktail creations! Check out these 5 Halloween candy cocktail recipes.

    Find Your Favorite
    Home Coffee Machine

    Find Your Favorite<br>Home Coffee Machine
    Posted on
    Skip the line at the café and learn 5 ways to make your favorite coffee at home. From cold brew to pour over, find your favorite method with our latest guide!

    Fall Picnic Foods
    to Fill Your Basket

    Fall Picnic Foods<br>to Fill Your Basket
    Posted on 2 comments
    Fall season is here again--the best time to go on a picnic with friends and family. This post provides you with some fantastic fall picnic food ideas to spice things up.

    10 Cozy Fall
    Drink Recipes

    10 Cozy Fall <br> Drink Recipes
    Posted on
    From cafe favorites to spiced cocktails, we’ve compiled the most creative and tasty seasonal drinks. Take full advantage of the flavors of fall with this list!

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