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Aqua Replacement Base


Pick your bases: Aqua

Pick your bases size:

Base I fits . View our Accessory Fit Guide.

It's all about that base! 🍑

Swig Life's slip-free, scratch-free, and noise-free silicone base is one of the most distinguishing features of your brand new Swig. Our patent-pending silicone base keeps your Swig from tipping over, scratching surfaces, or making too much noise when you set your Swig down.

Use our Accessory Fit Guide to help find the right accessory for your Swig!

*Aqua base not available for 12oz Camper Mug or 12oz Lowball Tumbler


  • Made of 100% silicone
  • Pressure-sensitive to fit securely onto the bottom of your cup
  • Only available in two colors: Aqua and Black


Base A:

  • Measures: 2.6" in diameter
  • Fits: 20oz Water Bottle, 20oz Flip + Sip Water Bottle

Base B:

  • Measures: 2.7" in diameter
  • Fits: 12oz Stemless Wine Cup

Base C:

  • Measures: 2.7" in diameter
  • Fits: 18oz Travel Mug, 22oz Tumbler

Base D:

  • Measures: 2.8" in diameter
  • Fits: 14oz Stemless Wine Cup, 14oz Moscow Mule Mug

Base E:

  • Measures: 2.8" in diameter
  • Fits: 12oz Slim Tumbler, 12oz Skinny Can Cooler, 12oz Flip + Sip Slim Tumbler, 22oz Travel Mug, 20oz Pilsner Tumbler, 22oz Highball Tumbler, 32oz Tumbler

Base F:

  • Measures: 3.1" in diameter
  • Fits: 12oz Short Tumbler, 12oz Insulated Food Jar, 12oz Can + Bottle Cooler, 20oz Tumbler (cylindrical)

Base G: (only available in Black)

  • Measures: 3.4" in diameter
  • Fits: 12oz Lowball Tumbler, 12oz Camper Mug

Base H:

  • Measures: 3.6" in diameter
  • Fits: 30oz Water Bottle

Base I:

  • Measures: 3.9" in diameter
  • Fits: 24oz Mega Mug


When caring for your base:

  • Dishwasher safe, top rack
  • Never use bleach or abrasive cleaners containing chlorine

Looking for more care and use information? Click here for details on how to care for your Swig.


Is my Swig Life base removable?

Our silicone bases are meant to be removable. If adhesive was used to secure them to the cup, they would no longer meet our dishwasher safe criteria.

Why did my Swig Life base detach from my cup?

The silicone base is pressure sensitive and can be reassembled if it should happen to come off or get water underneath, which sometimes may occur in the dishwasher.

How do I reattach my Swig Life base?

Simply reattach the base by putting pressure around the edges and working it firmly back in place. If air gets caught underneath, lift the edge of the base a bit and press the air out, then finish pressing it firmly in place all the way around.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
C.P. (Denison, US)
a must have

We lost one of our bases and this was a must have for our bumper bottom glass.

M.S. (Somerville, US)
It's great to have spares on hand

I lost the non slip base to one of my tumblers and was happy to find that there are replacements available. I got one in each color to keep on hand.

M.S. (Somerville, US)
So glad that replacements are available

I lost the non slip base to one of my tumblers and was happy to find that there are replacements available. I got one in each color to keep on hand.

H.C. (East Alton, US)

Great non slip base for the best tumblers on the market.

N.L. (Bellingham, US)
Awesome perk!

I purchased my first Swig at a discount retailer and it was missing the base. I'm so glad replacements are offered! Now my Swig is perfect. I like that I can interchange the base with other Swigs I now own. Stuff happens and it's great to know I can replace the base, lid or straw!

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