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This Week's Surprise Swig!

This Week's Surprise Swig!

$19.95 Final Sale


We aim to delight and surprise our customers so we are excited to offer you a little extra happiness with your order!

The Surprise Swig is selected from a product that is currently available on our website. It is only available as a shopping cart add-on when you are already purchasing at least one regularly priced Swig cup or bottle. You may add as many Surprise Swigs as you wish per order, at a really great discount, while knowing you will receive one of our premium styles.

Consider gifting your Surprise Swig to a friend or keep it as a back-up for yourself, when your favorite one is in the dishwasher. And the best part is our Surprise Swig changes every two weeks, so you never know which one you'll get! 

The Surprise Swig changes on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, by 6:00 AM EST. If you add more than one Surprise Swig to your cart, you will receive multiples of that exact same Swig. It is not random. All Surprise Swigs are final sale and may not be returned.

Customer Reviews

Based on 779 reviews
Great Surprise

I ordered a leopard Swig cup and my surprise Swig was a larger match! I love the durability and cuteness of this cup! It’s definitely a winner!!


First time buyer and ordered the surprise swig! It did not disappoint! I got a 32oz Camo tumbler. Will be purchasing the surprise/mystery again!

Awesome Surprise!

I was not disappointed by my “surprise swig”. I received the 24oz Luxy Leopard print Mega Mug. I’ve been using my mega mug almost everyday! I didn’t even know I needed a mug this big, but it’s been great!

Surprise Swig

I purchased the surprise swig. I received the Luxy Leopard mega mug. I already have the 32 oz tumbler in this print. My set is almost complete. :)


I ordered a mug and was offered the mystery option with my purchase. It said I would get a gift valued at $39.95 for $19.95. I figured its a great price so why not. I thought Id get a pattern that maybe wasn’t selling well or that was being closed out. I ended up getting the 24 oz Leopard mug! I have the Leopard wine tumbler and I am obsessed with the pattern so I was super excited to see this mug in my order! You cant go wrong adding the mystery gift to your order! I will for sure be adding it again!!! Thanks SwigLife!!

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