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Black Replacement Ring (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)

Black Replacement Ring (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)


Black Replacement Ring (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)


Put a Ring on it! 💍

Lose your skinny can cooler ring at the beach or between errands? We’re excited to offer replacement rings for your insulated skinny can cooler. When you’re ready to use, twist the replacement ring onto your can cooler then simply push the can down into the cooler, pop the top and enjoy. Twist off the ring to remove your empty can and repeat when you're ready for your next drink.

This 2.75" diameter base fits:

  • 12oz Skinny Can Coolers
  • Holds most 12oz slim can beverages including hard seltzers, beer, energy drinks, sodas and sparkling water
  • Only available in two colors: Aqua and Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Shelley Gnolfo (Pleasant Prairie, US)
22oz EZ flow lid

This lid is perfect! I am not a huge fan of the standard slider lids as they are a pain to clean, so I purchased this one to try. Works great and no small pieces to clean!


If the lid is shut, my cup is leakproof!


If the lid is on and closed, it never leaks!

Micah Lynch (Nicholasville, US)

I needed a new lid since I broke my other one and it fits perfect not only on my swig drink ware but my other cups as well, I just wish they gave you color options to match the actual cup instead of the replacements just being solid clear.

Lee (Stanley, US)
No More Lost Lid!

My new tilt-close lid is a game-changer! I cannot drink out of tumblers with those clear slide-open lids for drinking (I always dribble!). And I kept misplacing the lid on my last water bottle every time I screwed it off and laid it on the boat seat beside me or on the counter in the kitchen (the stainless steel lids roll off counters and tables easily). I saw this for my new SWIG, and I jumped on buying it. So easy to click/tilt open and then push back closed. Happy Happy Sipper here! And it's the perfect color to match the Lotus Flower design. THANK YOU.

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