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Aqua Replacement Base (22oz Tumbler)

Aqua Replacement Base (22oz Tumbler)


Aqua Replacement Base (22oz Tumbler)


It's all about that base! 🍑

We are now excited to offer silicone base replacements for your Swig!

Swig Life's slip-free, scratch-free, and noise-free silicone base is one of the most distinguishing features of your brand new Swig. Our patent-pending silicone base keeps your Swig from tipping over, scratching surfaces, or making too much noise when you set your Swig down.

Our bases are made of 100% silicone, are dishwasher safe, and are pressure-sensitive to fit securely onto the bottom of your cup.

This 2.75" diameter base fits:

  • 18oz Travel Mug with handle 
  • 22oz Tumbler
  • Only available in two colors: Aqua and Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Swig Life base removable?

Our silicone bases are meant to be removable. If adhesive was used to secure them to the cup, they would no longer meet our dishwasher safe criteria.

Why did my Swig Life base detach from my cup?

The silicone base is pressure sensitive and can be reassembled if it should happen to come off or get water underneath, which sometimes may occur in the dishwasher.

How do I reattach my Swig Life base?

Simply reattach the base by putting pressure around the edges and working it firmly back in place. If air gets caught underneath, lift the edge of the base a bit and press the air out, then finish pressing it firmly in place all the way around. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Just what I was looking for!

I have an 18 oz. black swig and was super bummed when I was running some errands and realized that the base had fallen off!

I meant to buy a black base, but got this one instead and it's actually a super cute accent to my black mug!


Replacement silicone bottom fits perfectly in the bottom of my golf ball can and bottle cooler as it said. Wish they had white to match. But the black one does the trick.


Good replacement bottom for you larger koozie, I thought I was ordering the one for the skinny koozie but oh well. I will at least have a back up now for my larger koozie.

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