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Replacement Ring - Black (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)

Replacement Ring - Black (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)


Replacement Ring - Black (12oz Skinny Can Cooler)


Put a Ring on it! 💍

Lose your skinny can cooler ring at the beach or between errands? We’re excited to offer replacement rings for your insulated skinny can cooler. When you’re ready to use, twist the replacement ring onto your can cooler then simply push the can down into the cooler, pop the top and enjoy. Twist off the ring to remove your empty can and repeat when you're ready for your next drink.

This 2.75" diameter base fits:

  • 12oz Skinny Can Coolers
  • Holds most 12oz slim can beverages including hard seltzers, beer, energy drinks, sodas and sparkling water
  • Only available in two colors: Aqua and Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews

I love the Swig lids. they are easy to clean and help to keep your drink insulated. I would recommend them to my family and friends.


I am so glad I ordered this lid! So much easier to drink my coffee in the car. I was wondering if my coffee would stay just as hot with it and to my surprise it did. Smart order add on! Highly recommend.


Perfect and easier to clean that the regular lids! I prefer this lid over the ones that comes with the swig mugs!


These are so much nicer and easier to clean.

Great people, great product.

If you need an insulated cup you can go a lot of places and see a lot of choices, BUT, Swig needs to be in at least your top two places you eventually buy from.

Why you say? Arn’t these cups the same, just sold by different places? Yea, maybe, but there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First, can you actually contact the seller and does somebody actually speak to you? I called Swig and a really nice person actually spoke to me, and, and, they had answers. Imagine that.

Next, and this is a big deal, can you get parts like that plastic lid for the cup when the lid cracks and falls apart? Now I can only say Swig has replacement lids because I contacted them because the place I actually got my cup would not respond to email or phone calls and I needed two new lids. Yup, cheap cup and the lids fell apart in under 3 months.

And now, is it a quality product. Well you betcha bubba. The swig lids are stronger and work better than the original ones I had.

So Swig has great customer service, a great product and they stand behind their stuff if you need anything. That means that even if you find a similar cup for less cost on some other website, I recommend you stop and consider this - in life there is always the real thing, and then, there are imitations. You will always be better served if you get the real thing. And Swig meets that criteria in my book.

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