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How to Host a Virtual Tailgate Party

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It’s football season once again, and the big game is right around the corner! Know what that means? Our favorite players will grace our stadiums, rivalries are back, and football banter is flowing like cold beer all over social media.

But something is missing in all of this: you at the stadium, supporting and cheering your favorite team to victory.

While tailgating at the stadium and in-person fans present health risks, you can still celebrate safely. So, grab your family or quarantine pals and try your hand at a new fan tradition: virtual tailgating. 

This is one of the best options to practice while keeping you and your friends safe. Whether you are a fan of football, sports in general, or just want to celebrate with friends and family, we have some tips on hosting the best virtual tailgate experience here. Read on for tips and tricks to expertly execute a virtual tailgate.  

Six people cheer on a couch

Swig’s 6 Steps to Having an At-Home Tailgate Party

1. Decide where you want to host the tailgate party. 

First things first, you need to determine where you’d want to host the virtual tailgate. Because of the restrictions on the number of people allowed at gatherings, and to be conscious of others, you’d want to host as few friends as possible. Then, you need to choose the perfect spot for hangouts.

Do you want to host on Zoom? In person? A little bit of both? If you’re looking to tailgate safely in person, try bringing the tailgate party outside to open-air areas like the garage, driveway, backyard, balconies, or decks.

2. Get a big-screen display. 

One of the most important pieces to making virtual tailgating feel as "official" and exciting as possible is the screen. With a large display to project the game on, everyone will be able to enjoy the view, even from a distance. They may even feel like they're in the stadium!

You can also opt to hook up your display to a projector if you plan on hosting the event outside—just be sure guests are staying warm with a hot drink!

3. Hook up to a primetime cable network.

The whole idea of virtual tailgating will be defeated if you and your friends cannot watch the game live. Before the big game, make sure you have access to a cable network or streaming service that allows you to watch it live.

4. Get your game night décor on.

In preparations for your next virtual tailgate, you need to throw a little decoration into the mix. No need for anything too fancy: some DIY football crafts to set your guests in the mood will do the trick!

Need more virtual tailgating inspiration? Check out the 10 Things You Need to Bring to Your Next Football Tailgate

5. Eat, drink, and be merry: Tailgate Food and Drink Ideas

No virtual tailgate is ever complete without the food and drinks to match. If you’re planning to use your backyard for the tailgate, whip out a grill for your guests. Or, try making some themed football snack recipes for game day.


However, if you want to keep the tailgating snacks simple, you can always order in some pizza or apps. And as always, be sure to stock the drink cooler!

Knowing how long—and stressful--these sports games can be, it’s important to keep the drinks (read: beer) flowing and cool during the tailgate party. Try outfitting your favorite drink with a trendy can cooler to keep drinks cold throughout the tailgate, virtual or not!

6. Get your favorite gear for good luck!

With everything else in place, what’s next? Support your favorite team to victory by donning your jersey, painting your face with the official colors, and having some friendly competition with your friends. 

While a virtual tailgate experience will never be the same as going to a stadium, there’s no better feeling than keeping safe while watching the game with your loved ones and friends. 

Ready to root for your favorite team? 

Pick out your favorite Swig for your virtual tailgate below!


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