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With summer around the corner, one of the greatest self-care gifts we can give ourselves is a great big tumbler full of water. To keep you from dehydration, we’ve compiled a list of tips and changes you can integrate into your day-to-day.

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Why is water important?

Harvard Medical School suggests people need thirty to fifty ounces of fluid per day to stay healthy and maintain the function of their heart, brain, and muscles. While any juice or fizzy drink could technically count for your fluid intake, not every drink carries the same health benefits. 

Water plays an integral role in helping you regulate your body temperature, lubricating and cushioning your joints, and getting rid of waste, too. So, while you could opt for any drink, consider choosing water to reap maximum hydration benefits.

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Five tips to stay hydrated

With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to forget to pour yourself a beverage. Here are some ways to work more water into your diet:

1. Carry a reusable water bottle 

Sometimes, staying hydrated is just a matter of keeping your drink near you at all times. Having your reusable bottle nearby can serve as a reminder to take sips throughout the day. On top of this, using a reusable water bottle or tumbler is a great way to keep single-use plastics out of our landfills and oceans. 

Water bottles have become one of the most accessible (and fashionable!) ways to keep a beverage on your person at all times. With more variety in style and technological advances, you can now own a water bottle that shows your style and keeps your drink the perfect temperature. Shop our Swigs to find the water bottle that best matches your style! 

2. Jazz up your water! 

If your problem with hydration is that you just don’t like the taste of water, fear not! There are plenty of ways to make water taste delicious. Consider infusing your water with fruit to flavor your drink without adding any sugar. There are plenty of options for fruit and herb infusions to take your water from flat to fabulous. 

 3. Jazz down your drink 

If you love sugary drinks, you don’t have to stop drinking them. One way to add to your water intake is to dilute your favorite juice or punch with a portion of water. While this suggestion might sound less fun than the others, you don’t have to jump in with both feet right away. 

Gradually add water to your drink of choice and take sips to test out the flavor. When you’re satisfied with what you have, drink on! 

4. Opt for swaps 

If you love soda, consider swapping out a can or two with fizzy water! Seltzer water has exploded and there’s now a flavor for just about any occasion. As mentioned previously, any drink can count for your fluid intake. However, it might be a good idea to be strategic about which drinks you choose. 

Sodas tend to be sugary and contain acids that decay the enamel in your teeth. With this in mind, opting for similar swaps like club soda or seltzer water can help you make healthier choices while still prioritizing flavor. 

 5. Keep track of your water intake 

If you’re at the beginning of your hydration journey and you’re not sure how much you drink regularly, now’s a great time to get on top of tracking how much water you drink. Monitoring your water intake will help you assess whether or not you’re drinking enough throughout the day. 

You can monitor your intake the old fashioned way with a pen, paper, and tally marks or bring your research into the digital age by using an app

Drinking more water throughout the day doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our five tips so you can enjoy the benefits of staying hydrated. 


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