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School’s out for Summer! That means lots of pool days, family time and fun trips and vacations. For many parents, summer also means being challenged with the task of coming up with fun summer activities to keep their kids entertained. 

We’re here to help--here are our top 10 favorite summer activities and projects for parents and kids to enjoy together this summer!

10 Fun DIY Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Lemonade stand

Photo source: Old Salt Farm

1. Vintage Lemonade Stand

For our first pick, we chose an oldie but goodie - a lemonade stand! This one by Old Salt Farm features a reversible chalkboard sign and can be multi-purposed for outdoor entertaining.

Helping your kids set up and run a lemonade stand is the definition of summer family fun. Be sure to also check out these 15 refreshing lemonade recipes from Bless This Mess.

2. Canvas Art

Canvas art being made using tape

Photo source: Bright Star Kids

All you need for this DIY summer activity project by Bright Star Kids is a canvas, paint, paint brushes and tape. Kids will love getting creative with different colors and patterns, and when they’re done, you’ll have a brand new piece of art (or multiple pieces!) that you both can enjoy.

A homemade butterfly feeder

Photo source: eHow

3. Butterfly Feeder

Your kids will enjoy watching butterflies start to flock to your easy-to-make butterfly feeder this summer. Plus, butterflies help promote growth by pollinating flowers. Mother Nature approved!

4. Paper Mache Bowls

Colorful paper mache bowls

Photo source: Red Ted Art

This fun summer activity takes shredded paper and turns it into works of art! These papier mache bowls by Red Ted Art make for cute home decor and are great for storing keys or loose items around the house.

A planter made of seashells

Photo source: Sand and Sisal

5. Seashell Planter

Kids love collecting seashells at the beach - so why not put them to good use? This seashell planter by Sand and Sisal is a cute and practical summer activity for kids that only takes a few easy steps.

6. Bouncing Bubbles

A person holding a bubble in their hand

Photo source: Diversicor

This bouncing bubbles project is all about the sensory play, which has been found to play an important role in children’s development. Plus, it’s super fun! Gather your materials and send the kids outside with this fun new DIY toy.

A child builds a slip in slide

Photo source: DIY Network

7. Slip and Slide

Everyone remembers “Slip and Slides” from childhood. Now you can recreate it for your whole family; and this one from The Relaxed Homeschool is even better than the original!

8. Summer "Snow Globes"

A "summer snow globe" in a jar with a flamingo and trees

Photo source: Gray Malin

Who says snow globes are only for winter? We love these summer snow globes by Gray Malin. The DIY craft is filled with fun trinkets like palm trees, flamingos and glitter. And they make great home decor or gifts!

Photo source: My Kids' Adventures

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

This summer, get the whole family outside one night for glow-in-the-dark bowling! This is a top-tier summer activity for families who are all about the games. Plus, this project from EduBirdie only costs a few dollars to make. 

10. Mini Water Blobs

Kids laying on large bags full of water

Photo source: Hello Wonderful

Kids will love slipping and sliding on these mini water blobs for some outdoor summer fun. And on a hot day, kids (and parents, we don’t judge) can lay down on the water blobs for some cool refreshment!

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